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  • Transmette narrow V belt
  • Transmette narrow V belt
  • Transmette narrow V belt
Transmette narrow V beltTransmette narrow V beltTransmette narrow V belt

Transmette narrow V belt

  • Description: The drive motor is connected with the pulley of the mudpump through a narrow v belt,and drives the pinion shaft to drive the mud pump to run.
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Yinda will produce many models of transmette narrow V belt,Mainly used in oil machinery (pumping unit, etc.), paper making machinery, building materials machinery, chemical machinery, paper machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery, cement power machinery.
Part of models:
8V4L3353 8V5L3353 8V3L3550 8V4L3550 8V5L3550 8V7L3550 8V8L3550 8V10L3550 8V3L3556 8V9L3556 8V3L3600 8V4L3800 8V8L3800 8V4L3940 8V5L4000 8V3L4065 8V5L4150 8V7L4320 8V4L4500 8V5L4500 8V4L4826 8V7L4826 8V8L4826 8V3L4830 8V8L4830 8V4L5080 8V8L5080 8V10L5080 8V4L5340 8V8L5380 8V2L5500 8V3L5500 8V6L5500 8V8L5500 8V2L5600 8V5L5600 8V8L5600 8V10L5600 8V3L6730 8V6L6730 8V9L6730 8V2L6731 8V4L7620 8V8L7620 8V7L7650 8V4L7660   8V8L7660 8V8L7900 8V10L7900 8V2L8000 8V3L8000 8V7L8000 8V8L8500 8V10L8500 8V2L9000 8V3L9000 8V4L9000 8V6L9000 8V5L9017 8V10L9017 8V8L9500 8V4L9525 8V5L8000
5L8V5380 5L8V5080 6ZV25J5080 5L8V8000 8ZV25J5080 8ZV25J5380 5ZV25J3550 8ZV25J4830 8ZV25J8500 5ZV25J8000 4L8V-4320

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