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  • Bimetal Liner
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  • Bimetal Liner
Bimetal LinerBimetal LinerBimetal LinerBimetal LinerBimetal LinerBimetal LinerBimetal Liner

Bimetal Liner

  • Inner sleeve: high chromium alloy steel
  • Outer sleeve: forged alloy steel
  • Hardness: greater than 60HRC
  • Description: Bimetal Liner
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Bimetal liner

Material: The material of cylinder liner is ZG45 steel, lined with high chromium cast iron. The HRC of cylinder inside liner is 60-65;

Production Process: The bi-metal cylinder Liner of our company combined with the advantages of abrasion hot-forging out liner and anticorrosion high chrome inner liner. The out liner is made of high quality carbon steel by hot pressing forming. Its tensile strength is over 900000psi. The inner liner is made of high-chromium alloy by centrifugal casting.

Application: Bi-metal cylinder liner is one of the most widely and largest used mud pump fluid end fittings.

High Quality Mud Pump Parts, Different Size Liner, Ceramic Liner
Mud Pump Liners

Mud pump liners are including Bi-metal Liners and Ceramic Liners. Sizes of  6 1/2”, 7”, 140mm, 150mm,160mm, 170mm, 200mm, 230mm liners.


Bi-metal Liners combine the strength of a forged steel outer shell with the abrasion and corrosion resistance of a high chrome inner sleeve. These liners feature a centrifugally cast high chrome iron sleeve which is machined and heat treated to a minimum uniform bore hardness of 59-65HRC. Bi-metal Liners is the main expendable parts of the mud pump, it adapts double metal fix together.

General features:

The outer sleeve is forged steel with quality carbon steel,the inner sleeve is casted with high carbon and high chromimum use the technology of centrigual casting, after treatment ,the hardness of it can reach to a level of 59-67HRC.
Liner Outer Sleeve: 45# forged steel,tensile strength is δb ≥610Mpa ,
yield strength is δs≥450Mpa,elongation hardness is  E≥17%,hardness is HRC180-200
Liner Inner Sleeve :high chromium cast iron(centrifugal forged). Annealing hardness is HRC≤  40.Quenching hardness is HRC59-67
Chemical Composition C 2.8%-3.1% Cr 26%-28% Si 0.6%-0.9% Mn 0.5%-1%  Mo 0.5%-0.8% S.P≤0.05%

Ceramic Liners combine the strength of a forged steel outer shell with the abrasion and corrosion resistance of a ceramic inner sleeve. Ceramic cylinder inner sleeve is used zirconia toughening alumina ceramics obtained the national patent, using zirconium oxide the characteristics of high fracture toughness and high hardness of alumina, the combination of these two can improve the fatigue strength of the product. Its coat uses 45 steel forging with good mechanical properties. After tempering heat treatment, hardness of HB235-265, the tensile strength is not less than 655 mpa.

F-500  F-800  F-1000  F1300  F1600  FB-1300  FB-1600  D-375  D-700

3NB-1300C  3NB-1000  3NB-1000C  3NB-800

SL3NB-1300A  QZ--1000  QZ-500  QZ-350  QZ800  SL3NB-1600


PZ-7  PZ-8  PZ-9  PZ-10  PZ-11

T–500  T–800  T–1000  T–1300  T–1600

7-P-50  8-P-80  9-P-100  10-P-130  12-P-160 14-p-200 14-P-220 K-700  K-700A  K-500  K-500A

A–350PT  A–560PT  A–600PT  A–850PT  A–1100P  A–1400PT  A–1700PT


8T-650 UNBT-600 UNBT-950  UNBT-1180L  UNBT-950A  UBT-400 BT-600 UB-590 UNB-600  8T310 8T650-01Bimental Liner

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